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Why Paver Sealing is Important, Orlando, FL

Paver sealing is important because it maintains the color and appearance of your pavers and prevents stains from forming.

Why Paver Sealing is ImportantIf you’ve ever wondered why paver sealing is important, you’re not alone. At Sealing Specialists, we get this question all the time, and we are here to help you understand why regularly sealing your pavers is a good idea.

To put things in perspective, imagine that you live in a home that boasts a decorative surface on the outside, instead of cinder blocks. You think it looks good when it’s brand new, so you put it in the back of your mind and never paint it or update it. The longer your home’s surface goes without protection, the weaker it becomes. As a result, fungal growth, stains, and noticeable wear become more prevalent.

This same thing can happen when you don’t seal your pavers. By sealing them on a regular basis, you can preserve their appearance and longevity.

When you wonder why paver sealing is important, keep in mind that your pavers will not look as rich and colorful if you postpone sealing them. For best results, they should be sealed immediately after installation. However, if you allow us to seal them with a quality product now, you can stop further wear from occurring for at least the next three years and bring out their natural color.

While paver surfaces in all areas can benefit from sealing, some locations will benefit more than others. Because of harsh UV rays, direct sun exposure breaks down coatings. Florida rain can also gradually wear down beautiful concrete and stone surfaces. Therefore, once the sealing process is complete, vertical stone surfaces, as well as any screened-in areas or areas covered by an overhang, will maintain their appearance better, and the sealant will last longer on these areas because they are not exposed to as much sun and rain.

The next time you have questions about why paver sealing is important, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Sealing Specialists in Orlando, Florida. We’re here to help you maintain the beauty and longevity of the pavers on your property.


Why Paver Sealing is Important in Windermere, FL