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Sealing Services, Lake Mary, FL

We have the knowledge and experience to know exactly what type of sealing services are needed for each type of material on your Lake Mary, FL property.

Sealing Services, Lake Mary, FLWhen you have a new driveway, patio, pool deck, walkway, or other outdoor area installed with travertine, pavers, concrete or another surface, you expect it to look its best right then and for years to come. The reality is that our harsh Lake Mary, FL weather, including scorching heat and rain, can take a real toll on that beautiful surface. So can general everyday living, by adding stains to that pristine appearance. What the installer may not have told you is that almost every type of surface needs sealing services, both shortly after the installation and then routinely after that.

At Sealing Specialists, we have the knowledge and experience to know exactly what type of sealing services are needed for each type of material. Keeping up with sealing services means your surfaces stay stain-free and protected from the elements. We professionally clean the surface before performing sealing services, so nothing is locked in under the sealing where it can likely never be removed.

Our sealing services can also enhance the appearance of a number of surfaces while protecting them. We can add a little sheen or promote a dramatic color change that will make the surface look like it is wet all the time. It all depends on the result you want. Our sealing services are also beneficial for reducing mold, mildew, algae and weed growth. This makes them ideal for pool decks and walkways, which are more susceptible to these conditions.

When we meet with you, we will discuss all your sealing needs along with the benefits and any disadvantages. We will listen carefully to what you want and then make the appropriate recommendation for sealing services that match your needs. Give us a call today to arrange your consultation.



Sealing MenuNatural Luster Little to no color changeWet look A half Natural Luster half Super Wet mixSuper Wet Our most popular option will make surface always look wetOther Options We have solutions for nearly all concrete and stone surfaces
Concrete – Most outdoor concrete should be sealed. Concrete has the tendency to harbor algae growth and is very susceptible to staining. Sealing or painting is the best option to protect porous concretes.When the natural look is applied to concrete it offers long term protection without altering the overall look.A half natural luster half super wet mixture gives this surface a little sheen while still maintaining the original look.The most dramatic color change will make the concrete look as it does when it is wet, complete with color darkening and sheen.Painting is also available for most concrete surfaces. Ask for more info.
Pavers – Sealing all pavers is highly recommended. All concrete pavers will wear rapidly if exposed to weathering. Clay pavers do not wear rapidly but will still benefit from color change, joint stabilization, and stain protection.Does not change the color very much and there is little to no sheen depending on the paver type, but still offers the joint stabilization and paver protection of sealant.This provides joint stabilization and paver protection while offering a slight color change we call matte.Our most popular option! This darkens the pavers and gives the surface a wet look. The degree of sheen can be varied depending on the amount of water mixed in with sealant. Ask for more info.If your surface has been previously sealed using an oil based or water based product we can offer to strip the surface. This option is highly labor intensive and pricing will be variable depending on job.
Travertine – An all natural stone that is highly durable and resistant to UV weathering. Therefore it does not need protection from weather though it is still recommended because of its barrier against stains and joint stabilization properties.No color change but still offers stain protection, weed and algae protection, and joint stabilization.Offers stain protection, algae and weed protection, joint stabilization, and a slight sheen we call matteCan vary from slight to heavy sheen. Protects against all stains, prevents algae and weed growth, and also stabilizes joints.None recommended.








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