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All prices are for estimation and because of the large variety of surfaces we work with, does not always reflect actual total.

Pavers, prices vary on size, type and age but can include additional cost because of special surface preparation, ie stripping failed sealant, large releveling, oil/stain removal, extra dirty.  Pricing is for both natural finish and high gloss sealant.

Size/ age

Wear rating

Reseal under 3 years
New under 1 year
Over 1 year worn
Over 2 year and dirty/worn
Over 3 year and  dirty
Over 3 year and
Very dirty
Very old and very dirty
Less than 500 Sqft$1/sqft
Minimum 400$
Under 1000$.85/sqft$.85/sqft$.9/sqft$1/sqft$1.1/sqft$1.2/sqft$1.3/sqft
Under 2000$.80/sqft$.8/sqft$.85/sqft$.9/sqft$.95/sqft$1/sqft$1.1/sqft
Less than 4k$.75/sqft$.75/sqft$.8/sqft$.85/sqft$.9/sqft$.95/sqft$1/sqft
Less than 10k$.70/sqft$.7/sqft$.75/sqft$.8/sqft$.85/sqft$.9/sqft$.95/sqft
Over 10kGet a quoteSpecialty pricing



Concrete, price varies by size, type, age, and desired finish

Pricing for cleaning, staining, and sealing 1000sqft concrete surface averages about 600$ with extra charges for various colors, crack fill, and location.

Solid color concrete painting can vary from .50$/sqft to over 1$ depending on concrete conditions and size


Natural Stone/veneer concrete stone

Price varies on location, stone type and size

Vertical surfaces/stone facing typically starts at 1$/sqft with charges added for necessary covering of windows and painted surfaces and difficult access.  Concrete veneer tends to absorb drastically more sealant after 2 years of being installed.  Flat walkways and features that are real stone can be as low as .70$/sqft to clean and seal.



Price varies on location size and type

Typically smaller outdoor surfaces start at 1$/sqft with big price breaks for larger surfaces and ones previously sealed properly.  We don’t do large indoor areas because of the special cleaning equipment often required.



Price varies on age size and type

Reapplying stain on a medium to large surface can be as low as .60$/sqft.  Reviving very old wood with a thick elastomeric coating can be as much as 1.20$/sqft.  Most surfaces fall well in between these prices.