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Paver Stripping, Orlando, FL

When we perform paver stripping in Orlando, FL, we usually use a gel-based bio strip product.

Paver Stripping, Orlando, FLNot all paver sealants are created equal. In fact, in some situations, subpar product is applied to pavers, an environmental element harms the quality of the sealant, or the directions for applying the sealant are not followed correctly. In others, a paver sealant is applied correctly, but over the years, moisture builds up underneath the surface and causes separation.

At Sealing Specialists, many people turn to us to take advantage of our paver stripping service in the Orlando, Florida area because their pavers start clouding over. This hazy residue that develops occurs when water gets into small fractures in the sealant. When we perform paver stripping, most of the time, we use a gel-based bio strip made by Seal-n-Lock.

We prefer this bio strip to heavy solvent strippers because it is less harmful to the environment. Many other paver stripping products can be difficult to work with and often harm surrounding plant life. Plus, when these products get on your skin, they burn.

Although the paver stripping product we use takes longer to produce results, it is safe and effective. It works by breaking down the old sealant into tiny pieces, allowing us to remove it with a vacuum pressure cleaning system. We’ve found that this process saves time and gives us the ability to completely remove the old sealant and immediately apply a new one. If you have any questions about this process or the sealant remover we use, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Sealing Specialists.




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