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Travertine Sealer Helps to Reduce Soiling and Prevent Staining

travertine sealerTravertine is a beautiful natural stone that’s often used to pave garden walkways and patios. Sometimes it is called travertine marble or travertine limestone. It is characterized by troughs and pitted holes in the surface and is available in a wide range of colors from coral-red to grey. The most common use is for floor installations.

Without travertine sealer, the surface can be badly etched by acids, like juice and soft drinks, because it is more absorbent than other stone, such as marble, and it stains more easily. Acid-based cleaning products can also cause etching, so it must be cleaned with a mild or neutral alkaline-based solution. It is not a good idea to put travertine in a heavily used bathroom or kitchen.

This natural stone can have 4 main finishes: shiny (polished), matte (honed), tumbled and brushed (these two are textured). How shiny the surface is depends on the type of finish applied. The most common choice is honed, but whatever you choose, travertine sealer is vital to reduce soiling and prevent staining.

Remember that travertine is one of the most porous of all natural stones. As such, it’s not suitable for countertops. It stains easily and does not handle acid well – even lemon juice can damage the surface of a countertop. In fact, you can’t leave any liquid (even water) for long periods of time because it can penetrate and stain. A good travertine sealer will help prevent these problems.

At Sealing Specialists, we are committed to upholding the highest ethics and superior workmanship in Central Florida with our sealing, stripping and cleaning services for natural stone and pavers.

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