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Care and Maintenance Tips for Natural Stone Cleaning and Sealing

natural stone cleaningThere’s a lot more to natural stone cleaning and care than you may think. If you apply the valuable information here, you can rest assured that you’ll get many years of service from your investment.

  • An ounce of protection: To prevent stains on natural stone, have the surface treated. Some types of stone are very porous, so sealing is important. A sealer such as Ure-Seal H20 will help repel surface spills, giving you enough time to wipe them away before they penetrate the stone. And, unlike some other sealers, it won’t darken the color.
  • Stay away from the household cleaner! When it comes to natural stone cleaning and care, always use a product that is made for the stone’s unique composition. Most household cleaners are abrasive and can wear the sealer away, putting the surface at risk of stains. Use a gentle pH-neutral formula for everyday cleaning.
  • Spills: Obviously the most common spills are drink and food. Food should be scooped up quickly. For liquids, use dry terrycloth. Then use a recommended cleaning product and wipe with a clean cloth. If needed, repeat.
  • Bathroom & kitchen countertop maintenance: Many cosmetics, beverages and food can damage natural stone. Common toiletries such as mouthwash, perfume and toothpaste contain acids and other ingredients that can damage your stone surface and even degrade the sealer. Be very careful with beverages like soft drinks and orange juice because they also contain acids.

At Sealing Specialists, we are committed to upholding the highest ethics and superior workmanship in Central Florida with our sealing, stripping and cleaning services for natural stone and pavers.

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