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Paver Sealing & Staining, Orlando, FL

1. Paver Sealing & Staining, Orlando, FL

Pavers are beautiful, until they wear back into concrete, get covered with algae, weeds, stains. Protect and Enhance your surface today with the highest quality sealant available, guaranteed to bead water for a minimum of 2 years, leaving your pavers beautiful and worry free.

Concrete Sealing & Staining, Orlando, FL

2. Concrete Sealing & Staining, Orlando, FL

Concrete sealing protects and enhances, resisting stains, algae, and wear. Concrete staining can turn regular concrete into many beautiful options, click here for more.

Natural Stone Sealing & Staining, Orlando, FL

3. Natural Stone Sealing & Staining, Orlando, FL

Natural stone is a beautiful addition to any home. Most real natural stone, except thin flagstone, travertine, and slate, can last for decades without experiencing any degradation from weathering.

Tile Sealing

4. Tile Sealing

Outdoor tile surfaces when installed and sealed properly can last for over 5 years without needing further professional attention. Proper base, drainage and sealant for the surface is essential to keeping it at its best.

Travertine Sealing

5. Travertine Sealing

Travertine is an exceptionally beautiful stone. Unfortunately its also surprisingly fragile, left unsealed for more than a couple years of weathering can have damaging effects, leaving the stone open to permanent staining, and wear. Let us seal your travertine to beautify and protect it guaranteed!

Wood Sealing & Staining

6. Wood Sealing & Staining

Docks and wooden walkways are the least frequently maintained surfaces we work with. Most natural wood sealants don’t last beyond 3 years before they allow growth that quickly breaks down the wood.

Your Home or Business Sealing Solution

Sealing Specialists has been dedicated to providing the most beautiful and long term solution to our customers. Seal coating is essential for any colored concrete surface and may seem a simple enough task. Many do it themselves or hire the cheap guys believing there is no difference in product and application is foolproof.

Either through thick clouding, quick color change, hazing, no joint sand hardening, or mixing sealer types, errors are very common. We have worked diligently to solve these problems through years of experience and have been providing the best possible sealing service for more than 8 years. It is also our pleasure to pass to you every bit of information about pavers, concrete, sealing, cleaning, stain removal, and many other surface maintenance topics for your consideration.

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